korean paper cup

Paper cup

Paper cups Paper cups are generally used as containers to carry certain drinks. Hot and cold drinks are generally carried in paper cups. However, hot drinks like coffee and tea would transfer the heat to the surface of the cup making it very hot for people carrying them with their bare hands. When carrying cold drinks like juice, the cups got cold or water condensation gathered, making the person feel uncomfortable. In order to improve these problems, a folding handle was attached to the paper cups. However, it is not easy to attach a folding handle to a cup and it has the disadvantage of adding unstableness when carrying the cup with the folding handle. Plastic cups are not very practical as they are more slippery than paper cups and have problems with insulation. Size & Applications For beverages (Hot & Cold) 2.5 oz ~ 22 oz Paper cups for coffee, drinking, juice etc. Paper bowl 120cc ~ 470cc paper cups for Ice cream, oven, soup Incidental products Paper tray, Paper cup, Sleeve, Napkin, etc. For Drinking For Food Packing

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